Welcome to New Mexico's Community Planning and Action Group (CPAG)!

CPAG is working to create New Mexico’s first Integrated Plan for HIV Prevention and HIV Care/Support Services. This plan is due to our federal funders in September 2016.

The Integrated Plan will start with CPAG’s vision:

New Mexico will create a future where 1) new HIV infections are rare, 2) all persons with HIV know their status and are retained in high quality care that improves their health outcomes, and 3) barriers, stigma, discrimination and disparities based on race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, socio-economic circumstance, language and immigration status are eliminated.

CPAG invites all persons affected by HIV to join in this year-long planning process. We welcome you to join statewide meetings, Town Hall forums (in November 2015 and May 2016) and our annual HIV planning summit (in February 2016). You can also attend Regional Advisory Committee meetings which take place in communities around the state.

CPAG invites and encourages the communities that are impacted by these HIV prevention plans to participate and offer their input, so that they represent and are accountable to the populations served. CPAG is open to creating partnerships with others working in this and related fields on prevention activities throughout New Mexico.

CPAG is made up of 30 decision-making members. This membership is intended to reflect the demographics of New Mexico's current population who are living with HIV. It is not necessary to become a decision-making member in order for your participation to be openly welcomed and contributions valued. Currently many people who are not decision making members participate in CPAG meetings regularly, offering input and their unique perspectives. Everyone is welcome to attend as often as they can!

We meet monthly in Albuquerque for a statewide meeting. There are also monthly regional advisory groups (RAG) that focus on local issues. These groups allow people who are unable to attend the statewide meetings to hear what we are working on and give their input, as well as providing a way for regions to let the statewide group know of local concerns. RAG’s are open to everyone, regardless if they are able to attend the statewide meetings.

We welcome anyone to join our meetings and consider decision-making membership. For more information on who we are, what we do and for membership requirements, please e-mail us directly.

Please visit our blog at nmcpag.tumblr.com!

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To sign up for the CPAG email list, send an email to nm-cpag-subscribe@yahoogroups.com